Jeez, That Handshake Four Years Ago Was Awkward

by Lawn Chairs

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All Music & Lyrics by Lawn Chairs

Billy Bouzos - Guitar/Vocals
Colin Frost - Bass/Ukulele
Andrew Graves - Guitar
Mari Campos - Guitar/Vocals

Recorded at Slang Church, and Andrew's kitchen
Mixed & Mastered by Mari Campos and Colin Frost


released January 25, 2017



all rights reserved


Lawn Chairs Oakland, California

clean channel punx

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Track Name: There's A Little Tom DeLonge In All Of Us
So I find myself
Here again
Still trying to understand
Why you pretened

Don't know who you are
Or what you think I owe
But still you fight
Defend the status quo

Tearing stitches won't
Get you anywhere, but
I've seen too much and I can't find a way to care

Woah x4

I wanna know where you'll be in the end
Some soulless motherfucker, just struggling to make friends, 'cause
No one likes to be treated this way
Drown me in conjecture but I don't get a say

So keep your morals and your righteous attitude
Your judgments are final but your reasons are subdued
Track Name: Cha Brah? (Ka Da Brah!)
Pick yourself back up now
And start again
It's not so easy for me
Fairweather friend

My love
Sold me out
Thin skin so
Razor doubt
Soul debasing
Tornado chasing

I know
You know
I don't
It shows

So glad you like my music
My simple chords
So fun until you leave me
When you get bored

I know it's reasonable
Don't get me wrong
But I'm not anti-social
I just hate malls
Track Name: Introspective Bullshit
I get the feeling I'm perceived as less than pleasant
Not undeserved but overwhelming all the same
I stop to tear the leaves off bushes as I pass them
I swear I'm harmless just not terribly urbane

Unaffected and depressed rotate in bursts
Still undecided as to which that I hate worse
Do you value motivation or contentment?
Was never one to seek out happy mediums

I think your smile is the first thing I'll remember
When all that I had hoped for finally drowns
I tried to sing but when I think of you I stutter
So I retreat to the stability I've found

Timing is everything I've often heard them say
Equal parts understated, painfully cliche
I wish I knew you now you have all these convictions
It seems you know now how to fight for things you love
Track Name: Adieu Especes de Pepites de Merde
I'm struggling

It's okay, I got special needs
Be underground, if you need me
I wanted to call, but I was afraid
I hate your guts every other day

It's thoughts like these that leave me alone

I'm not going outside tonight
Because I don't want to pretend
Over-educated minds enlighten me
Not me
I'm not your friend
I'm not your friend
I'm not your friend, your friend, your friend
I'm not your friend

It's thoughts like these that leave me alone

Don't take it personally
There is nothing wrong with you
This is my farewell to everybody
Everything changes, but nothing's new

It's thoughts like these
It's thoughts like these

Leave me alone

Leave me alone
Track Name: Harmony Pantz
If I knew then, what I know now
Rhetorically speaking would this all be figured out?

It's too late for asking
It's all just in the past
I'll disappear tomorrow
How about that?

My self esteem is highly accident prone
Sleeping on couches is where I feel least alone
Collect rejection letters from shit I don't wanna do
I'm a good friend, but a sad one
An artist, but a bad one

Do you wonder what could have been?
A pointless question, but unfortunately how I think

Your holdout is crashing
You know it's a mistake
If we all just disappear tomorrow
Wouldn't that be great?

Cruising for hours and I'm never coming home
Drive to the reservoir, dump my cell phone
My brain is busted
You're saving for retirement and your partner's well-adjusted